Colfax Power Plant VISA Card

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The Colfax Power Plant Employees Federal Credit Union offers a VISA Classic Credit Card with an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 9.90%.  To apply for a card, you must maintain a share account with the credit union.   Student members of the credit union can apply for a Visa card with a maximum of $1,000 with a parental co-signer.

NEW SECURE VISA CARD PROCESSOR Effective June 18, 2017! Please Note: The EZ Card website is no longer used for payment processing with your new credit card.  When you click on the login button to the right, you will be automatically redirected to the secure processing page.  Follow the onscreen instructions after clicking on the button above or here.

As you may have been aware our Visa Program will have a new processor, Access Point, effective June 18,2017.

We have sent letters to each Visa cardholder detailing the changes. If you have not received a letter, please call the office at 724-274-6666.

Please remember to call all of the automatic payments that you have on your old card and give them the new number.

QUESTIONS? or to learn more please call the office at 724-274-6666

Stop in the office to pick up an application.

Our card offers the following:

  • PAY BY PHONE ( $10 fee applies)
  • PAYMENTS ACCEPTED AT THE OFFICE (832 Pittsburgh Street, Springdale, PA  15144)

Visa Card


Our Visa card processor will be updated in June 2017. You will see changes in the reward program and fraud protection of your card. We will update you to all changes.