The Colfax Power Plant EFCU office staff is dedicated to keeping the members informed of the latest offers, savings, and loan information.


In Light of the COVID-19 Virus

The annual meeting is scheduled for September 13, 2020,

the reservation slip will be in the June Statement Mailing.

Call the office for more details, 724-274-6666.

IMPORTANT Visa Card Important Information


It has come to our attention the customer service number on the back of the card may be unreadable. Please write this number on the back of your card so you will have it available. We are working on changing this for the future.

If someone calls you and says they are from Colfax Credit Union, it possibly may be the fraud department. If you are unsure if this is a scam, Please hang up and call the Customer Service Number above. You can always call the Credit Union when we are here.